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2                      • Thursday, July 18, 2024              MOOSE LAKE

     A climate unfit for

     representative government
        As of July 2024, the United States of America is 248 years old. If it is
     to make it to celebrate its 250th anniversary, there is a type of climate
     change that really needs to be addressed. We’re not talking about global
     warming but the foreboding political atmosphere.
        On  Saturday,  July  13  at  a  Pennsylvania  campaign  rally  in  Butler
     County, a 20-year-old man attempted to assassinate former president and
     presidential candidate Donald Trump. The alleged assailant was able to get                        PERSPECTIVES
     off several rounds from an AR-15 rifle from an exposed rooftop just 400
     feet  away  from  Mr.  Trump  before  he  was  shot  and  killed  by  a  Secret  Divine Intervention and Donald Trump
     Service sniper. One bullet grazed Mr. Trump’s right ear. Retired firefighter
     Corey Comperatore, a spectator, was killed trying to shield his family and  by John Duke                                            The shooter thought
     two other people were seriously injured. According to police, they found  n the 48 hours before                                   he had the high ground
     two  explosives  in  the  shooter’s  car  and  a  hidden  bomb  in  his  family’s  Ihe opened fire on for-                        when Divine intervention
     home. Law enforcement has yet to determine the man’s motivation for the  mer President Donald                                     occurred.
     attack.                                                      Trump, 20-year-old Thom-                                               Divine intervention is
        While it is still unclear why someone would go to such extremes, the  as Matthew Crooks made a                                 an event that occurs when
     current campaign air filled with inflammatory language should be consid-  series of stops in and                                  God or a Member or
     ered a contributing cause. Couch pundits on social media, analysts on TV  around his suburban Pitts-                              Members of Heaven, be-
     programs, and even the candidates themselves toss about terms like bulls-  burgh hometown.                                        come actively involved in
     eye, Nazi, and evil while avoiding real debate and dialogue.    According to a law en-                                            changing some situation
        Why would anyone who may be able to contribute to public life run for  forcement official, Crooks,                             in human affairs. In con-
     office  knowing  they  are  putting  themselves  front  and  center  on  a  road  on Friday, went to a shoot-                     trast to other kinds of di-
     mined with political intimidation and physical danger? What does our own  ing range where he was a member,  and to a gun store, where he pur-  vine action, the expression "divine
     political discourse say about us?                            and practiced. The next morning,  chased ammunition.         intervention" implies that there is
        There is no excuse for the actions of the alleged assassin. Hopefully  Crooks went to a Home Depot,  Crooks proceeded to climb on  some kind of identifiable situation
     law enforcement will uncover his motive and the contributing factors that  where he bought a five-foot ladder,  to a roof while people were shout-  or state of affairs that God chooses
     led to such a horrendous attack. Hopefully we can learn from that, clear the               ing to the secret service, "He's got a  to get involved with, to intervene
     air and provide a more habitable political climate.                                        gun! He's got a gun!" This went on  in, in order to change, end, or pre-
                                                                                                for a minute and a half while the  serve the situation.
                                                                  Kennedy urges delay
                            VIEWPOINTS                                                          secret service didn't take any defen-  Various cultures have reported
                                                                  to pet travel rule            sive counter measures.         many different kinds of divine ac-
    National Independent Retailer                                 CDC rule would require dogs      The FBI is taking over the in-  tion, including miracles, revela-
                                                                                                vestigation of the Secret Service  tions, providence and retribution.
    Month and the importance of                                   entering US from Canadian                                    The expression "Act of God" is
                                                                  Border to have CDC-Ap-        and conspiracy theories will be  typically used to describe an event
    small businesses in a community                               proved Dog Import Form        floated from every direction. I'm  outside human control, for "no per-
                                                                                                not a theorist, but I do have one
                                                                     Congressman  Tim  Kennedy  question: "How did the shooter  son could be held responsible."
         ational Independent Retailer                             (NY-26) co-signed a bipartisan let-
     NMonth, celebrated every July,                                                             know just where the only place to  When you watch the videos of
                                                                  ter  urging  the  Centers  for  Disease  go would be, two days ahead of  last Saturday, look up, some people
     is a campaign that encourages con-                           Control and Prevention (CDC) Di-
     sumers to shop locally and support                                                         time?"                         say the saw two figures in the
                                                                  rector  Mandy  Cohen  to  delay  new                         clouds putting up their fists, while
     independent retailers. This initia-                          rules that would require dogs enter-
     tive highlights the crucial role                                                                                          you could hear the winds yell USA,
                                                                  ing the U.S. from Canada to be older                         USA...
     small businesses play in fostering                           than six months and have a CDC-
     vibrant communities, promoting
                                                                  approved Dog Import Form, among
     economic diversity, and ensuring        District 3           other things.                  Quinn Minute –
     sustainable growth. Understanding                               “I am working across the aisle to
     the importance of small businesses  Erie County Legislator   ensure people can continue to cross
     can motivate individuals to priori-  Michael H. Kooshoian                                               Drive-in movies
                                                                  the Northern Border with their ca-
     tize local shops and services, thus                          nine  family  members,”  Congress-
     contributing to the overall health  often serve as social hubs where  man  Kennedy  said.  “This  CDC  by Rix Quinn       and privacy, and they didn’t even
     and resilience of their neighbor-  people gather, interact, and build  policy  places  an  excessive  burden  here’s nothing like a cool  care if the car speaker worked.
     hoods.                        relationships. This sense of com-  on U.S. citizens, especially in bor-  Tnight, a warm date, a cold  What about the movies? My
        Small businesses are the back-  munity can enhance social cohe-  der  communities  like  ours,  which  drink, and a hot dog at a drive-in  favorite drive-in carried mostly old-
     bone of the local economy. They  sion and contribute to the overall  will contribute to increased process-  movie.        er flicks, and ran them as multiple
     generate employment opportuni-  well-being of residents.     ing  time,  longer  border  backups,  It’s sad to read that this sunset  features. These started around sun-
     ties, often providing jobs to resi-  Small business owners, who  and  diminished  economic  returns.  entertainment is declining. In the  down, and stayed onscreen until
     dents within the community. This  frequently live in the same commu-  The CDC must delay implementing  1960s, there were about 4000 na-  past midnight.
     local employment can reduce com-  nity, are more likely to engage in  this rule until we find a more bal-  tionwide. Today there are reported-  And one evening near Hallow-
     mute times, decrease traffic con-  local events, support community  anced approach.”       ly under 200.                  een was really special. They
     gestion, and lower environmental  initiatives, and contribute to chari-  In  the  letter,  Reps.  Kennedy  Drive-ins were places that wel-  showed a triple horror feature of
     impact due to reduced travel dis-  table causes. Their active involve-  (NY-26),  Nick  Langworthy  (NY-  comed children (many had play-  The Birds, King Kong, and Dracu-
     tances.                       ment can lead to a stronger, more  23), Elise Stefanik (NY-21), Clau-  grounds), several teenagers piled  la.
        Furthermore, money spent at  connected, and supportive commu-  dia Tenney (NY-24), Marc Molina-  into one car, young romantics, and  They called it “The Birds, The
     local businesses tends to stay with-  nity.                  ro   (NY-19),   Michael   Lawler  older people who enjoyed an open-  Ape, and the Guy with the Cape.”
     in the community, as these busi-  Supporting small businesses  (NY-17),  and  Nick  LaLota  (NY-  air event.                 FAMILY MEMORY BOOK? –
     nesses often procure services and  also has environmental benefits.  01),  wrote:  “One  main  concern  is  At our neighborhood drive-in,  Memorygram sends questions that
     supplies from other local vendors.  Local retailers typically have  that strict requirements, such as the  they sold admission tickets “by the  prompt replies about family heri-
     This recirculation of money helps  smaller carbon footprints compared  minimum age for importation, may  carload.” For $5, teens could bring  tage. Turn old thoughts into a new
     to strengthen the local economy  to large chain stores due to their  disproportionately  affect  low-risk  in as many bodies as they could  memory book…for a very afford-
     and fosters a robust economic envi-  lower energy consumption and re-  importations without commensurate  squeeze into a vehicle. This made  able price. For more details and a
     ronment.                      duced need for extensive transpor-  public health benefits…. [we] urge  the kid who owned a pick-up truck  nice discount, contact Memory
        Independent retailers contribute  tation of goods. Moreover, local  you to delay implementation of the  a really popular guy., and insert the discount
     significantly to the unique identity  businesses are more likely to  blanket  requirements  that  impact  But some teen couples – and  code rix20. For even more details,
     and character of their communities.  source products locally, which de-  low-risk dogs personally owned by  young adults too – didn’t want  e-mail Rix at
     Unlike large chain stores, which  creases the environmental impact  individuals  who  wish  to  remain  company. They wanted darkness  with the word MEMORYGRAM in
     often offer a homogeneous shop-  associated with shipping and han-  compliant  with  important  public                    the “Subject” line.
     ping experience, local businesses  dling.                    health  protocols  but  also  not  incur
     provide distinctive products and  By choosing to shop at indepen-  undue  burden  in  their  daily  activi-
     personalized services that reflect  dent retailers, consumers can con-  ties. Specifically, [we] strongly re-
     the unique culture and needs of the  tribute to a reduction in greenhouse  quest  that  the  CDC  implement  an
     area.                         gas emissions and promote more  18-month delay to this rule.”
        This individuality attracts both  sustainable consumption patterns.  The rule goes into effect Aug. 1,  Published by Buffalo Standard Printing Corp.
     locals and tourists, enhancing the  National Independent Retailer  2024.                                      Roger Puchalski - Editor
     community's appeal and vibrancy.  Month serves as a reminder of the                                      Roxie Harbison - Sales & Marketing
     The presence of diverse indepen-  vital role small businesses play in  tinued growth and prosperity of  Printed in Buffalo by Buffalo Newspress
     dent retailers can transform neigh-  our communities. These businesses  their communities this July, and  E-MAIL
     borhoods into attractive      are not just economic entities; they  throughout the year.                (716) 835-9455 • FAX (716) 835-9457
     destinations for visitors, further  are integral to the social fabric, en-  As always, I welcome you to  The views of columnists and letter writers do not necessarily
     boosting local economies.     vironmental health, and cultural  reach out to my District Office at  reflect the views of the RiverRock Times. Letters to the editor are
        Small businesses are pivotal in  identity of the areas they serve. By  (716) 832-0493 if you have any  welcome at riverrock@ or by mail: RiverRock Times,
     fostering social connections within  supporting independent retailers,  questions on how Erie County can  c/o 979 Grant St., Buffalo, NY 14207. They should be concise.
     a community. These businesses  consumers can help ensure the con-  support your small business.
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