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D District Blotter                                        Recollections . . .                          Thursday,  July 18, 2024 •                  • 3

       by Roxie Harbison
    Week of July 18, 2024
       As  are  all  persons  accused  of  a  crime,  the  defendant  is  presumed
    innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
        •  Suspect  told  unknown  male  to  “pop”  them  at  which  time  they
     displayed a black handgun. Later, upon return call, complainant spotted
     suspects outside and identified them to officers. Defendant, an 18-year-old
     Amherst, NY woman, then did throw gun into a trash can and fled from
     officers on foot. Gun recovered in trash can, a SIG Sauer P520Smith &
     Wesson with 8 rounds in the magazine.
        • Buffalo male juvenile, 17-year-old, was caught stealing sushi from
     the large grocer on Amherst St. Supporting deposition filled out by asset
        • Officers observe a NY vehicle run a stop sign at Fargo and Massachu-
     setts. As officers attempted a traffic stop defendant, a 44-year-old Black
     Rock man, delayed pulling over and made numerous furtive movements.
     Upon stop defendant did have a cup of alcohol in the center console. Next
     to cup in plain view was a loaded firearm. Officer did recover a Glock 23
     40 caliber handgun with two rounds in magazine and one round in cham-
     ber. Additional magazine containing 13 rounds was recovered, all submit-
     ted.  Vehicle impounded.
        • Officers received a 911 call of a suspicious male in the parking lot on
     Hertel Ave. checking parked vehicle. While investigating, the male states
     he had a knife in his black cross-body bag. Officers opened bag to retrieve  A photo announcing the 2nd Annual Towpath Festival May 21-26, 1980 in Riverside Park.
     knife and observed a tied off black bag consistent with narcotics storage                 Photo courtesy of Black Rock Historical Society, 436 Amherst St.
     and a scale. Inside of bag was a small orange bag containing multicolor                                                 from the Richard Mack Collection
     pills  believed  to  be  ecstasy.  Knife  was  a  switchblade  knife.  Vehicle
     impounded.                                                     Community                   NY takes the gold medal for sports
        • Defendant, a 30-year-old Kenmore, NY woman, did take without
     permission $165 worth of merchandise from a department store on Dela-  Calendar               With the 2024 Summer Olympic   Support for sports in New York
     ware Ave., passing all points of purchase without attempting to pay.                       Games beginning July 26, the non- (1=Best, 25=Avg.):
                                                                                                profit  organization  SmileHub  re-  Overall Rank: 1st
        • Defendant, a 39-year-old Bronx, NY man, did select $63 worth of
     merchandise from the same store as in story above and did walk passed  ��Come Dance! Every Wednes-  cently released a report on the best  2nd – Number of Professional Teams
                                                                     day - COMMUNITY SWING -    states for sports lovers in 2024.  4th – Sports & Recreation Charities per
     points of purchase without attempting to pay for items.
        Same man, same store did select $214 worth of merchandise and did  dancing at the Ukrainian  To highlight the states that love           Capita
     walk past points of purchase without attempting to pay for items.  American Civic Center, 205 Mil-  sports  the  most,  SmileHub  com-  11th – Sports-Related Degrees Award
                                                                                                                                          ed per Capita
        •  Defendant,  a  33-year-old  Buffalo  woman,  while  operating  a  NY  itary Rd.  Doors open at 6  pared each of the 50 states based on  7th – Sports Clubs per Capita
     vehicle (#1) south on Grant St. did strike/collide with vehicle #2 in front  p.m., music from  6:30 to 9:30  20 key metrics. The data set ranges  6th – Sporting Goods Stores per Capita
     of a Grant St. address and fled a half block down Grant St. Owner of  p.m.  Cash bar.      from  the  number  of  professional
                                                                                                sports teams to the presence of legal  5th – Sports Scholarships per Capita
     vehicle (#2) was in the passenger seat observed/felt the accident. Wife of  � THRU OCT. 15 - 3nd Annual                      To view the full report visit:
     owner was leaving a store, observed the accident, chased defendant down                    sports  betting  to  the  number  of
                                                                     Western New York Urban     sports clubs per capita.
     and took keys from the ignition of vehicle #1. Defendant then fell to the                                                 states-for-sports-lovers/139
     ground  on  the  street  and  could  not  sit  up.  Defendant  had  glassy  eyes,  Treks Challenge sponsored by
                                                                     Outside Chronicles and the
     slurred speech, two small liquor bottles in the center cupholder. Vehicle
     impounded.                                                      Black Rock Riverside Alliance.      Worship with us!
        • Defendant, a 29-year-old woman, no permanent address (NPA), did  Details at https://outside
     take without permission from a specialty store on Elmwood Ave. miscel-
     laneous merchandise (value $15.71) and did pass all points of purchase.  � WEDNESDAY, JULY 24 - Com-
     Defendant apprehended in front of the large grocer and found to be in
                                                                     munity Meeting for Splash   Church of the Assumption        St. Mark's / All Saints'
     possession of stolen items.
        • Defendant, a 29-year-old woman, NPA, did enter the large supermar-  Pad in Riverside Park - 6 p.m. -  435 Amherst Street  Episcopal Church
                                                                     St. Mark’s & All Saints’, 256  Weekend Mass Schedule:      311 Ontario at Riverside
     ket on Elmwood Ave. and did take without permission items (approx. $10)
     and did pass all points of purchase without paying for same. Unable to  Riverside Ave., off Ontario St.  Saturday: 4:30 pm  Sunday Services: 10:30 am
     identify on scene. Defendant is possession of property at the time of arrest.  � TUESDAY, JULY 30 - Buffalo  Sunday - 10:00 am
        • As complainant attempted to leave the house, defendant, a 30-year-                             875-7626                  Office: 875-8374
                                                                     Assessment and Taxation ses-
     old Black Rock man, didn't allow her and a neighbor to leave. Defendant  sion,  5:30 p.m. West Hertel
     walked  out  of  the  house  and  companion  locked  the  door  behind  him.                                                 Renovation Church
                                                                     School, 489 Hertel Ave.       Ontario Street United
     Defendant broke window, walked in the house and did strike the com-                             Methodist Church             Bishop Mark Collier
     plainant (girlfriend) with a closed fist multiple times.     � THURDAY, AUG. 1 -  Buffalo                                     567 Hertel Avenue
        • Defendant, a 34-year-old Buffalo woman, did take without permis-  Assessment and Taxation ses-  Pastor Lal Fak Mawia
     sion $204.95 worth of merchandise from a large grocer on Delaware Ave.,  sion,  5:30 p.m.  North Buffalo  179 Ontario cor. Tonawanda  Sunday 10:30 am
     passed all points of purchase without attempting to pay.        Community Center, 203        Sunday Worship: 9:30 am     Family Ministry: Ages birth -
        • Defendant, a 30-year-old Riverside man, did take without permission                   11:00 am: Mizo Congregation            5th Grade
                                                                     Sanders Rd.
     an  AZ  registered  vehicle.  Defendant  did  get  into  an  accident  with  the                    875-3639                      Website:
     vehicle and fled the scene at Colvin and Tacoma. Defendant apprehended  � MONDAY, AUG. 5 - Believe in           
     on  Tacoma  and  taken  into  custody.  Defendant  does  not  have  a  valid  Black Rock meeting, Black
     driver’s license.                                               Rock Harbor Center, 52
        • Defendant, a 52-year-old Buffalo man, did conceal $110.71 worth of  Amherst St.
     merchandise in a reusable bag from a large grocer on Amherst St. and did
                                                                  � TUESDAY, AUG. 6 - National
     pass all points of purchase without any payment for the merchandise.
        Same guy did conceal $109.94 worth of merchandise inside his back-  Night Out Picnic - Believe in
     pack while inside a department store on Delaware Ave. Defendant did pass  Black Rock - Dearborn Street
     all points of purchase without paying.                          Garden, Dearborn & Hamilton
        Same guy did conceal $330 worth of merchandise inside a reusable bag  Street - 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.
     while inside a department store on Delaware Ave. Defendant did pass all
     points of purchase without paying.
        Same guy did enter large department store on Delaware Ave. and did
     take without permission  $132.50 worth of merchandise and did proceed
     to pass all points of sale without rendering payment.        Tours to explore
        • Officers responded to reports of a stabbing on Tonawanda St. Upon
     arriving on scene it was determined to be a domestic incident in which the Northwest Buffalo
     defendant who had been advised on the previous night to not be on the  Explore Buffalo is offering up-
     property, entered an unlocked upper apartment to engage with the victim. coming tours of Riverside Park, As-
     A verbal altercation ensued and the defendant struck the victim across the sumption  Church,  and  Scajaquada
     face with an open hand causing red marks. While investigating the inci- Bike Trail. The tours include:
     dent the defendant removed a small glass container containing a white  Riverside Park (walking tour) -
     crystal substance believed to be meth from a pair of black jeans and tossed Free:
     it under a vehicle. The domestic argument occurred in front of the victim’s  Thursday, July 18 at 10 a.m. and
     children, ages 4 and 5.                                      Saturday, July 27 at 10 a.m.
                                                                     Scajaquada  Creek  (bike  tour)
    Family History Day set at Concordia Cemetery                  10 a.m. $17 adults, $7 students:
       Historic  Concordia  Cemetery,  438  Walden  Avenue  at  Sycamore  Wed., July 24
    Street, Buffalo will host a free Family History Day on Saturday, July 20  For a complete Explore Buffalo
    from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. The public can meet volunteer genealogists and  tour  calendar  visit    https://
    researchers  and  bring  their  questions.  Several  history  and  genealogy
    groups from WNY will have information available and volunteers will
    help guests find a family member’s grave at Concordia.
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