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4                      • Thursday, July 18, 2024
                                                                  Nominations open for Project Play awards
      Politicians advocate for passage                               roject Play Western New York

      of "City of Buffalo Historic                                P(WNY)  announced  that  the
                                                                  nomination process for its Coaches
      Preservation Receivership Act"                              Honor Roll Awards and Dick Gal-
                                                                  lagher   Lifetime   Achievement
         illmore   District   Council  city's  future,  but  only  if  we  take  Award is now open. Individuals and
         Member  Mitchell  P.  Nowa-  action to ensure they are preserved  organizations from all eight counties
    Fkowski  joined  NY  Senator   andzzzzzz restored. It is long past  of Western New York are invited to
    Sean Ryan, Assemblzymember Jon-  time to stop letting neglectful own-  nominate youth sports coaches from
    athan  Rivera,  and  representatives  ers chip away at our historic neigh-  non-scholastic programs for the rec-
    from various community groups to  borhoods  piece  by  piece  through  ognitions.
    advocate  for  the  "City  of  Buffalo  their  inaction.  Buffalo's  Preserva-  “A positive youth sports experi-
    Historic  Preservation  Receivership  tion Receivership Program already  ence can make a tremendous differ-
    Act" (Senate bill S7765 and Assem-  provides the framework we need to  ence  in  a  child’s  life,”  said  Aaron
    bly bill A1054n2) that is currently in  put an end to decades of demolition  Hord, director, Project Play WNY.
    the New York State Legislature.  by neglect. Passing this legislation  “If coaches can focus on the social,                 advocate and Buffalo Sports Hall of
       The bill aims to enact the "City  will make the program more effec-  emotional,  cognitive,  and  physical               Fame inductee, who also dedicated
    of Buffalo Historic Preservation Re-  tive and ensure it works as intended  needs of the whole child, then they             his  professional  life  to  helping
    ceivership Act," which outlines pro-  going forward."         can help youth athletes feel safe and on  youth  development,  promotes  young  people  struggling  with  ad-
    cedures  for  appointing  receivers  to  Rivera said, "Due to the age of  supported,  foster  important  traits sportsmanship among their athletes  diction.
    manage  neglected  or  abandoned  our housing stock in Buffalo, many  such as responsibility and persever- and  families,  and  demonstrates  Nominations should be submit-
    properties, thereby addressing blight  of our city’s historic and cherished  ance, and guide them in building an leadership within their organization  ted  online  and  are  due  Aug.  31,
    and  improving  living  conditions  in  properties are at risk of decay due  emotional  foundation  for  success. and the values that align with Proj-  2024.  A  link  to  the  nomination
    Buffalo neighborhoods.         to  indifferent  owners,  which  in  We’re looking forward to celebrat- ect Play WNY.        form  for  the  Coaches  Honor  Roll
       Nowakowski  has  introduced  a  some  scenarios  may  even  lead  to  ing coaches who provide vital sup-  The  Dick  Gallagher  Lifetime  and  the  Dick  Gallagher  Lifetime
    resolution in support of these bills to  demolition by neglect. That's how  port to their youth athletes, often on Achievement Award recognizes an  Achievement  Award,  as  well  as
    the Buffalo Common Council, em-  we recently lost the Great Northern  a volunteer basis.”    individual who has used their plat-  criteria and eligibility information,
    phasizing the need to tackle property  Grain  Elevator  and  the  irreplace-  To be considered for a Coaches form  as  a  youth  sports  coach  or  can   be   found   at   project
    neglect  and  enhance  housing  stan-  able history it contained in its de-  Honor  Roll  award,  coaches  must youth sports organization leader to
    dards for residents and help get the  sign and structure.     receive  separate  nominations  from support, recognize and advocate for  event/. Award winners will be an-
    bills passed.                     “The Historic Preservation Re-  two  or  more  people.  Submissions youth athletes both on and off the  nounced in the fall and celebrated
       "Neglected properties are a sig-  ceivership  Act  can  be  a  powerful  should  describe  how  the  nominee field,  for  a  decade  or  more.  The  at  the  annual  Thank  You  Coach
    nificant issue in our city, contribut-  tool  to  fight  against  this  kind  of  exemplifies the qualities of a great award  honors  the  legacy  of  Dick  event at Highmark Stadium in Oc-
    ing  to  hazardous  living  conditions  unacceptable  property  abandon-  youth sports coach who is focused Gallagher,  a  tireless  youth  sports  tober, in partnership with the Buf-
    and  diminishing  the  quality  of  our  ment, no matter who the owner is."                                                 falo Bills.
    neighborhoods,” said Nowakowski.  Assembly Bill A10542 from the
    “By enacting the Historic Preserva-  2023-2024 Legislative Session en-  Study: Opioid use disorder patients were more likely
    tion Receivership Act, we can take a  acts  the  "City  of  Buffalo  Historic
    proactive  approach  to  rehabilitate  Preservation Receivership Act" and  to stick with treatment if referred through
    these properties, ensuring safer and  is currently in the NYS Assembly
    healthier homes for our residents."  Committee.               telemedicine vs. the emergency department
       "Buffalo's  historic  architecture  Senate  Bill  S7765  from  the
    has played a major part in our city’s  2023-2024 Legislative Session en-  UB findings are relevant  During  the  pandemic,  restric-  Adds Lynch: “We have found
    economic  resurgence,"  said  Ryan.  acts  the  "City  of  Buffalo  Historic  especially in light of the possibility  tions that required in-person visits  that focusing on a relatively
    "We have many more historic build-  Preservation Receivership Act" and  that pre-pandemic restrictions on  for  medication-assisted  treatment  small group of emergency
    ings that can become assets for the  is currently waiting for passage in  telemedicine could bze reinstated  for  OUD  prescriptions  were  re-  telemedicine providers through
                                   the NYS Assembly.                       later this year       laxed, allowing for prescribing and  the MATTERS network has been
                                                                     elemedicine  referrals  for  pa-  referrals  to  be  made  through  tele-
                                                                  Ttients with opioid use disorder  medicine.  The  findings  are  espe-  the key to our success.”
                                                                  (OUD) can be a more effective way  cially  relevant  considering  that  emergency department providers on
                                                                  than an in-person emergency depart-  those restrictions could potentially  the approach to opioid use disorder,
                                                                  ment visit to get patients to start and  be reinstated at the end of 2024.  evaluation,  initiating  medication
                                                                  stay with medication assisted treat-  A total of 1,349 referrals were  and  linking  to  treatment  is  very
                                                                  ment through an outpatient clinic.  made  from  Oct.  1,  2020,  through  challenging,”  says  Renoj  Var-
                                                                     Those  are  the  findings  from  a  Sept. 30, 2022, through the MAT-  ughese,  MD,  co-author  and  assis-
                                                                  study  University  at  Buffalo  re-  TERS Network, an innovative opi-  tant professor in the Department of
                                                                  searchers  published  online  in  the  oid  treatment  network  that  is  Emergency Medicine in the Jacobs
                                                                  Journal of Substance Use and Ad-  affiliated  with  UBMD  Emergency  School,  who  led  the  telemedicine
                                                                  diction Treatment on June 29. It is  Medicine  and  the  UB  Department  team described in the study. “Emer-
                                                                  believed to be the first study com-  of Emergency Medicine.  gency departments may have vary-
                                                                  paring  telemedicine  referrals  to  MATTERS  provides  medica-  ing  approaches  and  varying  levels
                                                                  treatment for OUD to referrals initi-  tion for addiction treatment to opi-  of  interest  in  how  they  treat  these
                                                                  ated at the emergency department.  oid  use  disorder  patients  either  patients.”
                                                                     “Telemedicine  evaluations  by  through  in-person  emergency  de-  Adds  Lynch:  “We  have  found
                                                                  emergency  medicine  providers  did  partment visits or telemedicine vis-  that focusing on a relatively small
                                                                  lead to increased retention in treat-  its and rapidly transitions them into  group  of  emergency  telemedicine
                                                                  ment at 30 days when compared to  long-term treatment at a community  providers  through  the  MATTERS
                                                                  patients evaluated in the emergency  clinic  of  the  patient’s  own  choos-  network  has  been  the  key  to  our
                                                                  department,” says Joshua J. Lynch,  ing,  typically  within  about  24-48  success.  Telemedicine allows us to
                                                                  DO, first author and associate pro-  hours, in most regions of New York  provide care with minimal stigma,
                                                                  fessor  in  the  Department  of  Emer-  State.               from the patient’s own home, with
                                                                  gency  Medicine  in  the  Jacobs  Follow-up  data  were  available  minimal  waiting.  It  gives  us  the
                                                                  School of Medicine and Biomedical  for  393  patients,  of  whom  51.9%  ability to take some time and truly
                                                                  Sciences at UB. “Our study shows  attended their first clinic visit and  deliver effective one-on-one care.”
                                                                  that patients referred from telemedi-  40.7%  continued  to  receive  care  In addition to treating individu-
                                                                  cine  are  more  likely  to  follow  up  after 30 days. Among these, 65.1%  als  with  telemedicine,  MATTERS
                                                                  initially, and still be retained in care  of those referred via a telemedicine  also successfully uses telemedicine
                                                                  at 30 days.”                   call showed up at their first clinic  to  treat  other  vulnerable  popula-
                                                                     Stabilizing  patients  with  opioid  appointment versus 32.3% of those  tions, such as incarcerated individu-
                                                                  use disorder is the critical first step  referred via an in-person emergen-  als.
                                                                  in treatment, but long-term recovery  cy department visit. And 53.2% of  This study adds evidence to pre-
                                                                  depends  on  consistent  engagement  telemedicine  patients  were  still  in  vious  findings  by  other  Jacobs
                                                                  with medication for addiction treat-  treatment at the 30-day mark versus  School researchers, who earlier this
                                                                  ment and outpatient clinic appoint-  22.2%  of  those  referred  from  an  year published in the Journal of the
                                                                  ments over time.               emergency department visit.   American  Medical  Association  a
                                                                  Gateway to ongoing care        Removing barriers to care     study that found that in people with
                                                                     “Patients with opioid use disor-  The  findings  demonstrate  that  opioid  use  disorder,  telemedicine
                                                                  der often seek care in times of crisis  for specific groups of patients, tele-  treatment for hepatitis C virus was
                                                                  in  emergency  departments,”  says  medicine  removes  barriers  to  care  more  than  twice  as  successful  as
                                                                  Brian Clemency, DO, senior author  and may be equally or more effec-  off-site referral.
                                                                  and  professor  of  emergency  medi-  tive than referrals made during an  “Our  findings  only  emphasize
                                                                  cine in the Jacobs School. “Howev-  emergency  department  visit.  The  the utility of telemedicine as a mo-
                                                                  er, the emergency department may  authors  suggest  there  are  multiple  dality that works, especially for dis-
                                                                  not be a good option for all patients.  reasons that could explain that dif-  ease  processes  that  are  typically
                  Coupon Expires 7/31/24
                                                                  We  wanted  to  see  if  telemedicine  ference.              challenging  for  patients  to  link  to
                                                                  could be used as a gateway to ongo-  “Trying to educate hundreds of  and retain in treatment,” concludes
                                                                  ing care.”                                                   Lynch.
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