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                            Vol. 4 No. 21                              Thursday, July 18, 2024                     Covering the Northwest Corner of Buffalo

                                                                  School bus

                                                                  cameras are on

                                                                     ummer  school  sessions  began
                                                                  Son Monday, July 15 and 16 re-
                                                                  spectively  for  middle  and  high
                                                                  school students enrolled in Buffalo
                                                                  Public  Schools  and  cameras  were
                                                                  recently installed on the arm of the
                                                                  stop sign on all Buffalo school buses
                                                                  to  capture  images  of  drivers  who
                                                                  pass a stopped school bus.
                                                                     From  now  through  Sept.  30,  a
                                                                  warning letter will be sent to viola-
                                                                  tors. Enforcement begins on Oct. 1,  SPLASH PAD PLANNED FOR RIVERSIDE PARK: A community
                                                                  2024 and tickets will be issued that  meeting regarding a new splash pad in Riverside Park will be held
                                                                  could  cost  drivers  who  are  caught  Wednesday, July 24 at 6 p.m. at St. Mark's & All Saints', 256
                                                                  illegally passing a school bus up to  Riverside  Ave.  (off  Ontario  St.)  hosted  by  the  Black
                                                                  $250.                          Rock/Riverside  Good  Neighbors'  Planning  Alliance  and  North
                                                                     Mayor Byron W. Brown and the  District Council Memeber Joseph Golombek's office. The City of
                                                                  City of Buffalo, along with Buffalo  Buffalo Department of Public Works Parks & Recreation Depart-
                                                                  Public  Schools  and  BusPatrol,  is-  ment has commissioned Trautman Associates - Architects Engi-
                                                                  sued a reminder to motorists to not
                                                                                                 neers to plan and provide design services for the new splash
                                                                  pass a stopped school bus in the City
                                                                                                 pad.  The proposed splash pad design concept (above) is the
                                                                  of Buffalo.
                                                                                                 city’s  model  that  is  being  implemented  in  other  city  park
                                                                     “Driving  passed  a  stopped
                                                                                                 projects.    The  proposed  location  of  the  splash  pad  will  be  in
                                                                  school bus is not okay. It’s extreme-
                                                                                                 place  of  the  existing  outdoor  wading  pool  at  the  70  Crowley
                                                                  ly dangerous. Our children will be
                                                                  on these buses during the summer,  Ave. building.
                                                                  and we need to take every precau-
                                                                  tion  to  ensure  students  get  to  and
                                                                  from  school  safely,”  said  Mayor
                                                                  Brown.  “Motorists,  please  pay  at-
                                                                  tention and do not pass a school bus
     SPECIAL  DELIVERY:  On  Sunday,  July  13  during  the  10  a.m.  Mass  at
                                                                  illegally. The safety of our children
     Assumption Church in Black Rock, members welcomed parishioners
                                                                  is extremely important.”
     from All Saints Parish, which recently closed. During the homily, Buf-
                                                                     According to the state’s Traffic
     falo firefighters delivered a statue of St. Florian from All Saints Church
                                                                  Safety  Committee,  roughly  50,000
     in Riverside. The statue was originally at St. Florian Church on Hertel  vehicles illegally pass school buses
     Ave., which closed in 2007. Florian was a Christian holy man and the  every day in NYS. The cameras will
     patron saint of chimney sweeps, soapmakers, and firefighters. He is snap an image of anyone who ille-
     also the patron saint of Poland, the city of Linz, Austria, and Upper gally passes a stopped school bus.
     Austria.  At one point in his life he joined the Roman Army. In addition  The technology, installation, and
     to  his  military  duties,  he  was  also  responsible  for  organizing  and maintenance are provided at no cost
     leading firefighting brigades.       Photos by Peter Sloane  to  the  school  district  or  taxpayers.
                                                                  Additionally, the school district will
                                                                  benefit  from  additional  safety  fea-  A barge carrying a portion of the Ralph Wilson Park Bridge made
                                                                  tures,  such  as  internal  cameras  to  its way through the Black Rock Lock this week on its way to the
                                                                  monitor dangerous activity onboard  former LaSalle Park.
                                                                  the bus.
                                                                                                     Photo courtesy of Bill Butler, Black Rock Historical Society.
                                                                  New signature 266-foot pedestrian bridge for

                                                                  Ralph Wilson Park makes trip along the Erie Canal
                                                                        he  first  barge  carrying  the  (former LaSalle Park) is a 100-plus  feedback in mind, the City of Buf-
                                                                        Ralph  Wilson  Park  Bridge  acre waterfront park in the City of  falo, the State of New York, and the
                                                                  Tcompleted the final leg of an  Buffalo that is currently undergoing  Ralph  C.  Wilson,  Jr.  Foundation
                                                                  exciting  and  historic  journey  to  a transformation to create a public  added a major infrastructure project
                                                                  Buffalo up the Erie Canal and ar-  space that is safe, accessible and fun  to  the  original  scope  of  the  park
                                                                  rived on the shore of Ralph Wilson  for all to enjoy.        design:  the  pedestrian  bridge  and
                                                                  Park  on  716  Day.  Designed  with  A  process  for  Ralph  Wilson  the redesign of the 4th street park.
                                                                  community  input,  the  bridge  will  Park  that  started  in  2018  called  The cost of both is approximately
                                                                  create a  new pedestrian and bicy-  Imagine  LaSalle  emphasized  that  $20 million.
                                                                  clist entrance to Ralph Wilson Park  the community’s  No. 1 priority was  The  bridge  design  was  chosen
                                                                  over the I-190. Ralph Wilson Park  safe  access  to  the  park.  With  that  through a community-based design
                                                                                                                               competition led by the University at
                                                                                                                               Buffalo Regional Institute in early
                                                                                                                               2020. The community chose schla-
                                                                                                                               ich  bergermann  partner  (sbp),
                                                                                                                               known for its creative, stylish, sus-
                                                                                                                               tainable design of long-span bridg-
                                                                                                                               es and towers throughout the world.
                                                                                                                               The design illustrates an apprecia-
                                                                                                                               tion for Buffalo’s rich architectural
                                                                                                                               and  industrial  heritage,  coupled
                                                                                                                               with a desire to create an innovative
                                                                                                                               and  optimized  structure.  The  final
                                                                                                                               structure will be a tied-arch bridge
                                                                                                                               with an enclosed steel arch that pro-
                                                                                                                               tects pedestrians from the noise and
                                                                                                                               traffic below, while also creating a
                                                                                                                               safe  and  welcoming  crossing  into
                                                                  A FUSION OF CULTURE, COMMUNITY AND CONNECTION is             the park.
                                                                  coming to Riverside Park as the Buffalo Myanmar Assoc. will     The bridge, in four pieces, left
                                                                  host Myanmar Union Night there July 26 and 27. The event will  the  Cimolai  manufacturing  site  in
                                                                  include an array of performances, live music and food!                    Continued on page 8
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