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                            Vol. 4 No. 16                              Thursday, June 13, 2024                     Covering the Northwest Corner of Buffalo

     North Buffalo residents can                                  Numerous development proposals

     now order Greenlight                                         continue to progress in Northwest Buffalo

     Networks’ high-speed internet                                   by Amber Healy
                                                                       wo high-profile development
          his fall, North Buffalo resi- Erie County connected to its high-  projects in Black Rock have
          dents  will  gain  access  to speed fiber network by the end of  Talready  garnered  plenty  of
     TGreenlight         Networks 2024, and currently connects more  public  attention  in  recent  weeks,
     (“Greenlight”), the leading fiber-to- than  175,000  homes  across  New  from  the  now-shelved  proposal  to
     the-home  provider  in  New  York York State.                open  a  hookah  lounge  on  Grant
     State.  Initial  construction  work  is  "We are beyond excited to wel-  Street  close  to  a  residential  neigh-
     currently underway in North Buffa- come Greenlight Networks to North  borhood  to  the  just-discussed  pro-
     lo,  with  more  than  2,600  homes Buffalo.  Greenlight  has  proven  to  posal to build apartments inside the
     expected to have service for the first be a fantastic partner in other parts  former PS 51 on Hertel Avenue.
     time by September.            of the city, and their commitment to  But  there’s  plenty  more  where Passero  Associates  proposal  could  see  a  build  a  multi-story,
       “High-speed internet is a critical delivering  high-speed  internet  to  that comes from, said North Distict 168-unit apartment building on the site, including space for a
     infrastructure  that  will  be  able  to those who need it will make a sig-  Councilmember Joe Golombek. He bowling alley and bar.
     attract new residents and business- nificant difference here,” said Buf-  provided  the  River  Rock  Times  a  first  priorities  for  Golombek  when tant. I think a lot of times you talk
     es, support innovation, and enhance falo  Common  Council  Member  detailed  summary  of  proposed  he was first elected to the city coun- about  development  and  we  don’t
     the  overall  economic  picture  in Joseph Golombek, Jr. “This expan-  changes throughout the community,  cil more than 20 years ago, in addi- necessarily have that stopgap mea-
     North  Buffalo,”  said  Greenlight sion will not only enhance our com-  projects that might gain some sup-  tion  to  improvements  at  Jasper sure to make sure that people con-
     Networks CEO Mark Murphy. “The munity's  connectivity  but  also  port  for  buildings  that  have  been  Parish, but all things take time.  tinuously have a place to live.”
     network and infrastructure buildout support  economic  growth  and  de-  vacant  for  years  and  others  that  Shaffer  Village’s  renovation  There have already been several
     in this community is a critical piece velopment  in  the  North  Buffalo  might  have  residents  wondering  would be a complete tear-down and public meetings, including commu-
     of  our  overall  expansion  plans  for District."           about  how  new  neighbors  will  reconstruction, but with work done nity-led  discussions  Golombek  re-
     this year. Reliable, high-speed inter-  Residents can visit Greenlight’s  change the traffic on their streets.  in such a way that current residents quests from developers aligned with
     net  is  necessary  to  how  we  work, Buffalo Region Neighborhood Page  Golombek said he’s put together  would  move  from  their  apartment any  major  project  in  his  district,
     learn, play and live today, and we to  learn  more  about  Greenlight’s  a small working group of residents  right into their new location without because he wants to move with the
     look  forward  to  providing  the  un- progress  in  their  neighborhood,  to consider a rough, early vision for  having to secure or move into tem- support of people who live closest
     matched  Greenlight  experience  to sign-up to express interest and ac-  the  former  Voelker’s  Bowling  on  porary housing and then relocate a to the work.
     residents and families in North Buf- cess   construction   updates.  the  corner  of  Amherst  Street  and  second time, he said.  Shaffer Village is one of three
     falo in the coming months.”   [  Elmwood Avenue. The bowling al-  Complicating  the  timeline  on city-wide BMHA proposals moving
       Greenlight  Networks  currently falo-ny/]                  ley  closed  for  good  several  years  this project is securing the funding forward.
     services East and West Buffalo, as  Once construction is completed,  ago  and  was  ordered  to  be  demol-  for  it  –  the  U.S.  Department  of  The proposal has been accepted,
     well  as  Cheektowaga,  North residents who pre-ordered services  ished by Buffalo’s Housing Court in  Housing  and  Urban  Development Golombek said, “Now it’s just the
     Tonawanda and the Village of Lan- will be notified to schedule in home  early 2023, but disagreements over  (HUD)  would  be  providing  grant normal process where plans have to
     caster. The company is on track to installation  by  a  Greenlight  Net-  what should become of the property  funding to cover most of the cost of be formulated and submitted to the
     have  more  than  30,000  homes  in works’ fiber technician.  have  prevented  the  wrecking  ball  the work, but with a high price tag, federal  government.  Any  time
                                                                  from making any moves.
                                                                                                it might take a while for the funds to there’s federal dollars, there will be
                                                                     A  proposal  has  been  submitted
     Diocese lists another round of closings,                     by  Passero  Associates  to  build  a  be allocated.         extra  hoops  to  jump  through,  but
                                                                  multi-story,  168-unit  apartment  “Hopefully,  the  way  they’re it’s a good thing. Checks and bal-
     PBN starts “Save our Sacred Sites”                           building on the site, including space  planning this, is that there would be ances are never a bad idea. I’d rath-
                                                                                                a minimal amount of disruption. In er have checks and balances to have
                                                                  for  a  bowling  alley  and  bar.  The
         oman  Catholic  parishioners  Buffalo   Common   Council                               the past, what they’ve had to do is a better project in the long run than
                                                                  proposal  includes  78  total  parking
     Racross  the  Diocese  of  Buffalo Member  Mitch  Nowakowski  and                          take you and put you in a hotel and no  checks  and  balances  and  have
                                                                  spaces  and  a  courtyard  and  play-
     are  reeling  from  the  number  of Preservation   Buffalo   Niagara                       then they’ll move you back to your the project blow up.”
     church closings/mergers announced launched  their  "Save  Our  Sacred  ground in the center of the inside of  new property, so you have to make  The  most  recent  development
                                                                  the  rectangular  building,  which
     last week. In its drive to shutter or Sites" Initiative on June 11 outside                 like three moves,” he said. “If it all for  Shaffer  Village  was  the  city
                                                                  would extend from the current struc-
     sell 75 worship sites and pare down of  Our  Lady  of  Perpetual  Help                     works  out,  you’re  going  to  move council  approving  a  rezoning  of
                                                                  ture’s footprint and wrap around on-
     the number of parishes from 160 to Catholic  Church,  115  O’Connell                       from  your  current  location  to  your land on Isabel Street that had previ-
                                                                  to Marion Street. The new building
     106  the  Diocese  made  known  its Ave., Buffalo.                                         new location. Nobody is left without ously been designated as light man-
     "rightsizing and reshaping" plan.  The  initiative  is  aimed  at  pro-  is also proposed to include amenities  a place to live, which is so impor- ufacturing to residential to allow for
       In  Black  Rock  and  Riverside, tecting  at-risk  churches  in  Buffalo  for tenants, like a fitness room and          the construction to take place.
                                                                  computer  lab,  and  a  community
     Family #20, All Saints on Chadduck that are being closed by the Catholic
     will merge with Assumption Church Diocese of Buffalo and to preserve                                               ONTARIO STREET
                                                                     “They  wanted  to  put  between
     on Amherst St. Also, from Family # the historical and architectural sig-
                                                                  200 and 240 units on that corner and
     23, Coronation of the BVM on De- nificance of those churches.
     witt St. will merge with Assumption.  For  more  information  contact  it’s  going  to  depend  how  big  of  a
       And,  in  North  Buffalo  Holy Bernice Radle, executive director of  footprint they’re going to be able to
                                                                  get, because Voelker’s own much of
     Spirit on Dakota Street, St. Mark’s Preservation  Buffalo  Niagara  at
                                                                  the land that goes all the way from
     on Woodward Ave. and St. Rose of
     Lima on Parker will merge with St.                           Amherst to Marion street, but not all
                                                                  of  that  is  currently  for  sale,”  Go-
     Margaret on Hertel Ave.                                                                                        CHADDUCK AVENUE   HENRIETTA  AVENUE
                                                                  lombek said, describing the situation
                                                                  as “fluid right now.”
                                                                     It’s still very early in the project
     Waxlight Bar à Vin competes                                  and there’s no set timeline for any
                                                                  work to begin. It’s also important to
     for James Beard Award                                        reiterate that any proposed construc-          ISABELLE STREET
          stablished in 1990, the James the selection, preparation, and serv-  tion and renovation to the building
          Beard Awards are among the ing of wine, cocktails, spirits, cof-  has not yet been approved or even
     Enation’s  most  prestigious fee, tea, beer or any other beverage  presented for a vote, he said. “This
     honors  recognizing  leaders  in  the with outstanding hospitality and ser-  is  simply  the  earliest  proposal  and
     culinary and food media industries. vice that help inform and enhance a  they  are  willing  to  work  with  the
     In 2024, Waxlight Bar à Vin, a mod- customer’s  appreciation  of  the  community.  The  devil’s  in  the  de-
     ern,  wine-focused  restaurant  on beverage(s).  Ethical  sourcing  and  tails. I do believe that most of what
     Chandler Street in Black Rock was positive contributions to the broader  they recommended is Green Code-
     among the competition’s finalist in community will also be considered.”  compliant,  but  once  we  know  the
     the  Outstanding  Wine  and  Other  Although  Waxlight  Bar  à  Vin  specific  details,  then  we’ll  know
     Beverages Program.            made it to the  finalist level, Monday  better.”
       That  award  is  “presented  to  a night in an Academy Awards-style  Also on the development watch
     restaurant that demonstrates excep- event  in  Chicago,  it  was  not  the  list, and a little further along in the
     tional care and skill in the pairing of winner of the competition. Waxlight  process,  is  updates  to  the  Shaffer
     wine and other beverages with food Bar  à  Vin  was  a  semi-finalist  in  Village  property  managed  by  the  Above is an edited portion of the BMHA site plan proposal for
     while contributing positively to its 2023.                   Buffalo Municipal Housing Author-  Shaffer Village in Riverside to highlight the types of housing and
     broader  community.  This  includes                          ity.  This  complex  was  among  the
                                                                                                street plan for the area.
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